Julius is a friendly child from the Philippines. He is in good health and lives with his parents and siblings in a wooden home. They have electricity and access to water from a community source, but do not have running water. His favorite color is red and vegetables are his favorite food. He contributes at home by carrying water/wood. In his spare time, he enjoys playing marbles. When he grows up, Julius hopes to be a police officer.

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What children receive

  • Nutritious food: you give a child a hot meal at school plus provide nutritional support and education for their family.
  • Clean water: you give a child access to safe, clean water close to home.
  • Education and school supplies: you free a child to go to school and have hope for the future instead of work for food
  • Livelihoods: Through sponsorship, you help parents find new ways to support their families.
  • Essential vitamins, and more!

What You’ll receive

  • A photo and important information about your sponsored child.
  • The opportunity to communicate with your child through letters and show how much you care!
  • Regular updates on your child’s well being as well as notes and/or drawings from your child.